About Futballers

Futballers is a company dedicated to bridging the gap between soccer players and coaches across the country. We believe that the system for recruiting in American Soccer is broken. Even if you play on a top nationally ranked teams and spend thousands of dollars on travel it is not guaranteed that you will be recruited. Our goal as a company is to offer a solution to both the players and coaches. We want to help the players get the exposure necessary to help get recruited by a college or professional team.

The lack of information available to college coaches is astounding. Our mission is to be an independent source of soccer information for the local High School soccer teams and their players. We will be keeping both the team and individual stats to help give coaches a clear understanding of who the top players in the area are.

This company first and foremost is about the players and helping them take the next step in their careers. We believe the next Messi is American and we want to find him.